Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Eating with Jack

Firstly, lets be clear. I miss you and I'm sorry.

Sorry for the very silent neglect of the last two months and the general neglect last year of delayed posts and hollow promises. I've had a bit on, a bit too much actually, hence you have suffered.

You would be relived to know that I still behave like a dedicated blogger, I still photograph pretty much all my meals (the 700 food images on my iPhone will attest to that), I plan blog posts that never get written -or at least published- and I of course, am just as committed to food and what I put in my mouth than ever, maybe more so than ever actually.

I've also been thinking more deeply about what this blog means to me; from when I started it in 2006, to last year, to today and for the year ahead, and I have decided that I want to continue with this.
I love the commitment, the pride in my work, the sense of achievement that is mine alone, and most importantly a record of my everyday life and thoughts. Lately these have been mostly consumed by your evil social media sibling twitter but some things, actually most things, can't be communicated in 140 characters no matter how pithy and clever I try to be.

Soon, hopefully very soon, I will be able to share what has been stealing my time away, but at this stage lets just say that it will be the biggest life change I have ever experienced, and that's saying something for someone that has still written here just as diligently through a tough period of redundancy, then self employment and personal events like my Fancy Party (read wedding) and many big overseas adventures.
Things have changed before and I have still happily posted away, yet this time things are different and to be honest I am hoping to find the stability I need to balance all of this but at this stage I need to reassure you that I am here, I care, and I miss you.
I can say that I will have a more expanded online presence next year, a new website, blog and twitter account too, but they will be more like work, I promise you Eating with Jack, you will still be the fun one, the one were I will continue to be a little political if I want to, or really just totally myself, no guard on.

So with that, I hope we can be friends again. I do solemnly swear to be more loyal and write more often.