Monday, May 17, 2010

EARL ate Eating with Jack

So I've hinted at it ages ago but just not actually gotten around to telling you how it actually is...

I've been eaten, swallowed whole.

By EARL Canteen my new business.

Three weeks ago PDC (well actually Simon my husband and, yes still my 'permanent-dining-companion') and I opened our first business. Its called EARL Canteen and its located at 500 Bourke St, Melbounre, actually the cute courtyard that is behind 500 Bourke, looking out onto Little Bourke.

We have spent the last year and a half working on many, many business plans and this one, at this site, actually stuck finally. And now we have a baby called EARL, a big time consuming, energy sucking and constantly screaming for attention baby.

Hence I've had a bit on, actually a bloody lot; even freelancing as a food stylist and doing the odd restaurant shift has never seen me be this busy.

Even my twitter account, has been starved of content to feed the EARL twitter account. I hope you continue to follow my foodie travels through a different tag for now; I still eat, dine out and constantly think about food, just for now its echoing from within EARLs hungry, time consuming tummy.

Ciao for now x